Andrew Norris

Andrew, aka "The Rockin Revd", is a retired priest living in Wellington who has been involved with 10Radio since its beginnings. Currently, he hosts the Home Service, a weekly programme bringing Christian worship & local churches to people's front rooms and also has his own Breakfast show on a saturday morning. He also co-presents 10Radio's Community Show with Pauline Homeshaw and is the current chair of 10Radio.


Barry Allaway

My name is Barry Allaway, and ever since I was a teenager in the " Swinging 60's ",I have been "hooked " on the great range of music and artists which appeared in that decade.Judging by the correspondents who join me each week, I am not alone in my views.Every week I try to combine a range of music from the whole decade together with some songs which I still manage to discover as tunes which I have never previously included.Sometimes guest presenters join me to give their take, and broaden still further the musical range. The big appeal of 60's music is that every generation since has heard it, often liked it, and has influenced many subsequent artists.The music is often singalong,frequently melodic, and usually memorable,hence it's enduring popularity.Try it one Tuesday evening, 6.30 - 7.30 , and see what I mean !


Doug Parish

Marjory and I present Doug’s Big Country on Somerset’s 10 Radio,105.3fm and have been since February 2008.  The show is broadcast every Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm and repeated every Sunday afternoon between 4pm and 6pm, every Monday between 1.00 and 3.00 pm and, for you night haks between 2.00 and 4.00 a.m. on a Friday morning. You can also hear the show any time by clicking on the show’s poster for Listen Again. The music we both feature is as diverse and interesting as we can make it with a wide range of country music from traditional to new country, to bluegrass, to Americana, Cajun, Tex-Mex, country rock and alternative country.  We also like to feature local artists and studio guests with live acoustic sets from local musicians. We go to a lot of live music and like to reflect that in the music we play.  I select the tracks blending each with the next as seamlessly as possible while Marjory selects an album of the week giving us a more in-depth look at the featured artist and also gives out local and national gigs. You can contact the show  by emailing me at or check the show out on Face Book or twitter @Doug Parish1. 


Eddie Gaines

Eddie Gaines - Eddie has been a presenter with 10Radio right from day one in 2005 bringing a flair and intimate knowledge of contemporary music going way,way back - you could say he is 10Radio’s archivist and musical archaeologist - you name it he has a story about it. Still smarting from encouraging all his college friends to get tickets for David Bowie due to play at Plymouths Guildhall only to find he sent someone called Ziggy to play in his place…….he never forgave him and instead became a fan of German prog rock ban Can who did turn up and played as arranged.


Kevin Philips

Growing up in a house filled with the sounds of Basie, Kenton and Bird, my interest in music was piqued. As the period of my musical foundation was the 1970’s though, I found myself drawn to the teenage boy interests of rock music, punk and new wave, in the 1980's I moved towards indie and world music but always with an ear to the roots of blues and jazz. Latterly, my tastes have dissipated even further and this is reflected in my shows. From Lead Belly to Tchaikovsky, Elvis to Richard Hell, and Bowie to the Real Thing.


Robin Vanags

Robin Vanags - Apart from looking after news & weather in Eddie’s show, I help provide diverse regular features – amongst these, we’ve revisited WW1 battlefields - 100 years on, brought 10Radio listeners recent reporting on scam-warnings and money-saving, recalled the voices of Exmoor, and moved through the seasons with Ted Hughes’poetry.


Toby D

Toby presents The Broken Record, an eclectic mix of rock and alternative from past and present. With an emphasis on the 90s rock scene, you will find a fun evening


Vic Llewellyn

Hi I’m Vic Llewellyn, and I’ve been living in Wiveliscombe since 2020. For most of my life I have been involved in the Theatre as an actor, puppeteer, street performer and writer. My first show with 10 Radio was in January 2022. I would say that my musical tastes are varied and that is reflected in the multiple genres of music that I play on my show.


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