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Andrew Norris

Andrew, aka "The Rockin Revd", is a retired priest living in Wellington who has been involved with 10Radio since its beginnings. Currently, he hosts the Home Service, a weekly programme bringing Christian worship & local churches to people's front rooms and also has his own Breakfast show on a saturday morning. He also co-presents 10Radio's Community Show with Pauline Homeshaw and is the current chair of 10Radio.


Barry Allaway

My name is Barry Allaway, and ever since I was a teenager in the " Swinging 60's ",I have been "hooked " on the great range of music and artists which appeared in that decade.Judging by the correspondents who join me each week, I am not alone in my views.Every week I try to combine a range of music from the whole decade together with some songs which I still manage to discover as tunes which I have never previously included.Sometimes guest presenters join me to give their take, and broaden still further the musical range. The big appeal of 60's music is that every generation since has heard it, often liked it, and has influenced many subsequent artists.The music is often singalong,frequently melodic, and usually memorable,hence it's enduring popularity.Try it one Tuesday evening, 6.30 - 7.30 , and see what I mean !


10Radio is a community radio station serving the 10 parishes in West Somerset which incorporate Wiveliscombe, Ashbrittle, Bathealton, Brompton Ralph, Chipstable, Clatworthy, Fitzhead, Huish Champflower, Milverton, Stawley and Wellington and the surrounding area.

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