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Manic Monday Breakfast Show

10Radio's first breakfast show of the week with Eddie Gaines and Robin Vanags.  Listen in as they muse on what happened over the weekend - life, other worldly places, what's on in the area and other important stuff - such as travel problems. They might even remember to tell you the time so you're not late for school, work or girlfriend -  but don't bank on it. During the programme […]


Oh by Jingo – In The Psychiatrists Flairs

Dr Ben's Psychedelic Love-In is no more.......arising from patchouli josh stick ashes come Egyptian Tomb Music Archaeologist Eddie Gaines and 10Radio's one and only Jaygee for the best and the rest of psych hippie music with wild tales and ugly rumours from the late 60's and early 70's - It's a "Oh by Jingo-la-ba" kind of deviant, long hair - hope it won't last too long (please) music that is […]

Eddie Gaines – Eddie has been a presenter with 10Radio right from day one in 2005  bringing a flair and intimate knowledge of contemporary music going way,way back – you could say he is 10Radio’s archivist and musical archaeologist – you name it he has a story about it. Still smarting from encouraging all his college friends to get tickets for David Bowie due to play at Plymouths Guildhall only to find he sent someone called Ziggy to play in his place…….he never forgave him and instead became a fan of German prog rock ban Can who did turn up and played as arranged.

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