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"Thanks again so much for this morning's opportunity for us to come in and be a part of the Radio Show. Both of the lads really enjoyed the experience, and I am sure that they will be taking plenty of thoughts away with them. It was a great chance for them see radio in action from within the studio, and see what happens behind the scenes.  James and I also really enjoyed it.  We also really appreciate the time you took to sit down and eat breakfast with us and talk with us and made us feel so welcome."

"I've found one true gem of a radio station. Hand picked music by the DJ for their own show. If more radio stations would follow their model I'm sure music lovers worldwide would be very, very grateful. The radio station is 10Radio. Based out of Wiveliscombe, Somerset in England.

I really admire what all of you have done with, and for, such a (relatively) small population base. You have shown what can be achieved

Stumbled upon you last week - very fine community radio with attitude - shout out to Staffordshire - wish they could do as well as you!

Everyone here thinks your show is much better than Jonathan Ross. Big shout from the Ashburton possie!

Listening to your show in Birmingham. It's great to hear some intelligent discussion about todays sport

I accidentally/serendipitously came across your station today during the Classical programme (I was actually trying to tune into the BBC on my Internet wifi radio) and thoroughly enjoyed it - I think you may have a new convert here in Berlin!

Katie & Hannah - We really enjoy listening to your shows, you mindless chatter & sense of humour makes us laugh and smile.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is listening to 10Radio! Lovely to here such different tastes in music, local information and listen to pillars of our community talk. Well done to all involved in this excellent station.

Hello to all of you at 10Radio I've been meaning to write for ages to say how much we like your broadcasts and to congratulate you on such a varied, interesting and truly local radio station. 

Just to say I have hugely enjoyed listening to 10Radio. You even broke a lifetime habit of morning listening to Radio 4's Today programme!
I have always thought that true community radio was the most exciting way to go and you have fully confirmed that belief. Just looking at the website humming away confirmed the great level of commitment and enjoyment the station has generated.

Congratulations on 10Radio - the more I hear it, the more I like it! Especially the variety of the programming and the sense that it's a station for all of us, not trying (most of the time) to copy super-smooth corporate radio.

Hey 10Radio, I just want to say well done i think everyone on the radio has done really well !!!! thank you for playing cold play for me and my friends...WELL DONE!

Checked in to your internet feed last evening and listened to a couple of great programs. Congratulations and well done. Here in Hamilton, New Zealand, we have a Community Radio station on air 24/7. Hearing what you do will hopefully encourage them to do something similar ;-)

I think 10Radio is absolutely brilliant - I have listened to more radio in the last few weeks than I have in all my 53 years. Thank you everybody for such fantastic entertainment, it has really brought the community together. Well done to everybody involved.

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