Off The Dial

With MC Warne Slippaz you can expect a brain-boggling mix of soundscapes and music (from Mediaeval plainchant to musique concrete, Indian classical music to free jazz, Minimalism to grindcore): constant cause for wonder and awe (not to mention shock and delight) Off the Dial will arouse your curiosity and quench your thirst for the unusual. Tune in for the best of the esoteric, the exotic, the arcane, the challenging, the confrontational and the just plain weird....

Musicians and composers interviewed on Off the Dial have included: Jesse Bannister, Ibrahim Maalouf, Howard Riley, Barry Guy, Wadada Leo Smith, Laura Rossi, Roger Woodward, and members of the Hacker Farm Collective.

When there is a 5th Thursday in the month Warne is joined by Barry Somers for Off the Dial Extra, a session spotlighting collisions, overlap and near-misses between extreme metal genres and the outer limits of jazz and improv.

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Off The Dial

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