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When Live On-Air you can contact the presenters in a number of ways...

* Text - the word STUDIO followed by your message to 07786 20 22 40
Web - Use the right hand panel on the web site pages > > > > >
* Email -
* Phone - call 01984 624 137 (while music is playing)

Joining in

Get in touch with us if you want to get involved in 10Radio in any way - whether it is making programmes, helping out behind the scenes, sponsoring our broadcasts or telling us about what you are doing in the local area.


10Radio CIC
The Base Studio
Hartswell, Wiveliscombe

Tel: 01984 624 137

10Radio management meetings

The Directors of 10Radio meet every other month to discuss the business end of running 10Radio, usually in the third week and usually at the Studio 7:30-9:30pm. The meetings are open to anyone to attend. Join the mailing list or phone to make sure of the day.

Mailing List

To join the 10Radio Yahoo Group mailing list simply send an e-mail to

Note:- If you do not use an Email Client programme but instead go to the Internet to do your emails you will need to Cut & Paste...

You will receive a reply from Yahoo asking you to click a weblink to confirm your request. You should then click the link at the bottom of the Yahoo webpage to join the mailing list. Membership of the list is monitored and restricted to prevent spammers etc. using it.

You will be asked to provide some information about yourself so (for example) you could put the village or parish you live in and why you want to join the Group - a contact telephone number would be helpful too. We will then confirm your addition to the list.

By adding your name you agree that 10Radio and other members of the mailing list will send you, via the Yahoo Group, messages relating to 10Radio matters.  Please DO NOT use the Group for any other purpose.

To comply with current Data Protection Regulation, 10Radio will never pass any of your contact information to any other party.

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