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Friday 12th October 2018


with Pauline Homeshaw MBE
and Anton 'Desk' Matthews

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9.00am "Poppy of Honour" – Retired Royal Engineer and Mayors Mace Bearer Sam Smaldon today talks about a First World War commemorative project to honour all those who died from 1914 – 1918. They numbered 1,115,471. The Poppy of Honour will come to Wiveliscombe on Sunday 11th November. Sam tells listeners how they can be a part of this.

Jodie Cross - Meningitis Ambassador9.30 Meningitis Awareness Week was in late September and today Regional Ambassador for the Meningitis Society - Jodie Cross talks to 10Radio about her passion to support this charity and her personal experiences when meningitis threatened her daughters.  Listen to this interview

10.00 "Stargazing with Harold Mead" – the night skies above Somerset in October

10.20 Richard Lappas has been a professional photographer for over 40 years, working originally for many of the newspapers out of Fleet Street and he has published a fascinating book about the many and varied members of the royal family, politicians, major news stories and celebrity photographs he's taken over the years. The book is called "More by Luck than Judgement"

10.30 "L B Loxley’s Wildlife" – This week LB talks about the art of bird watching with hints and tips on how to get the most from observing our feathered friends. Wildlife question time answers the following. Can toads re-grow lost limbs? How do kingfishers excavate their burrows and how deep do they go? How deadly is the death cap mushroom? Plus, this weeks wildlife fact file focuses on the crane fly.

11.00 Programme ends - but stay listening for more great radio from 10Radio

Community Show

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