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Breakfast Show

Tune in every weekday for a diverse mix of news, interviews, chat, competitions and eclectic music mixes.  There is no better way to start your day as our talented team blow away the cobwebs and welcome you to the new morning in their own inimitable style.  Every day is different and if variety is the spice of life we've got it in abundance!  The usual presenters are listed below.

Shep the Otter and friends start the week in fine manic style.  So put on the toaster, make yourself a generous pot of coffee or tea, stamp on the alarm clock and start the week with a spring in your step!
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Your presenters will make your morning complete with a roundup of news, features, music and events in the 10Radio area.  With local issues to the fore the Tuesday breakfast show has everything needed for a great start to your day.

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Go bananas with the 'appily mad breakfast show. You've never heard anything like it - come to think of it, neither have we!

Mike Padden and fiend (sorry - friend) need to practice for their Friday show so they appear each week to keep things under control - it's the only way to wake (them) up on a Thursday morning.

Barry Allaway and Richard Oliver with their own unique blend of breakfast ingredients.  Like the butter on your toast or the sugar on your cereal they're guaranteed to put a smile on your face !-)
Friday morning really feels tasty on 10Radio.
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Try Saturday (8 - 10.00am) for 'Weekend Wakeup' with Rockin' Rev. Andrew Norris
If you are wondering what to do with a Saturday morning, 10Radio supplies the perfect answer to your dilemma - stay in bed asleep.  That's what the show presenter often seem to do!

Weekend Wake Up

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