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I’ve been presenting this Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll / R&B / Blues / Hillbilly / Bluegrass / Cajun / Hawaiian / etc.  show for many years now on 10Radio. I play the whole range of classic American music from the 1920s onwards trying to keep a nice mix of the known and unknown. There’s so much fantastic music to discover!  That’s why I don’t stick to those songs you can hear every day of the week on Oldies stations, or those popular on the dancefloor.

Anyway here’s some links to keep you busy:

In this interconnected world we live in there’s no shortage of info should you desire to know about every last note any particular musician has played, rockin’ or otherwise. To help you through the clutter, here’s Skeavo’s handy cut-out-and-pin-on-the-loo-wall guide to all that’s essential in the wacky world of music that’s good for your soul if not your bank balance.

For your reading pleasure, can I recommend Blues & Rhythm magazine? Comes out 10 times a year. See with new releases, CD reviews and articles on the classic years and loads of links into the whole world of blues, R&B and associated music: records labels, suppliers, you name it.

There’s so many blogs and download sites you could spend every waking hour reading and downloading ‘stuff’. Here’s a couple of great info sites to get you started so you’ll know what to listen to:

Rockin’ Country Style is Terry Gordon’s wonderful work of art that cross references just about every obscure rockin’ record ever released, complete with labels shots, sound clips, biog. info and crucially where you can find the songs on various compilation LP or CDs. An absolutely essential website for anoraks everywhere!

For those of you with a penchant for the deep soul side of things (count me in!) you can do a lot worse than spend time with and his Deep Soul Heaven. Adds a few thousand more records on to the wants list and has amazing biogs on the most neglected of soul performers complete with sound bites, label shots etc. Another magnificent labour of love.

Blues hounds need to check out these 2 sites; for great listings of blues, R&B and rockin’ records and 'Stefan Wirz' awesome listings of American artists, complete with label shots and compilation release details. Mind-boggling!

Want to know how to get hold of the music I play? Well, apart from the obvious suppliers, try these for size, both highly recommended by yours truly: Bob Thomas’ mail-order business will empty your wallet as quick as. He also has thousands of records at various record fairs he attends  – see the website for details. He currently has a bunch of the fab Stompin' series of CDs at a decent price (£7) – get them now or you’ll be forever sorry 'cos they’re unlikely to be around again.

Red Lick  I’ve dealt with for years. Great catalogue and now a website to match. Loads of 2nd hand CDs as well, but move quick (= within a day or 2 of the catalogue coming out) if you want the good stuff. Not the cheapest but they have records you’ll be lucky to find anywhere else in the UK.

If you’re up in the smoke pay a visit to Sounds That Swing in Camden opposite the Spreadeagle pub. Apart from the reissues, this is the place for original 45s and LPs....with prices to match! Or maybe you want to stack your jukebox out with blastin' music? STS have all the new repro 45s (bootlegs to you 'n' me) you could ever desire.

Billy Miller and Miriam Linna’s legendary New York record label / distributor / publisher Norton Records was absolutely hammered by Hurricane Sandy, and most of their warehouse stock was flooded out. Norton is the home of so many fantastic reissues as well as publishers of the best music magazine / fanzine the world has ever seen, Kicks. Only 7 issues were published and I’m still looking for #1, so if you have a copy....

Wouldn't it be nice if someone, such as the Rolling Stones, offered to sub them to restock all their damaged goods? Dream on, Skeavo, dream on.

Some of my fave radio stations available on t’interweb: – for all you singer songwriter fans out there, Boston radio station WUMB plays all the music I’d love to hear on daytime radio but which hardly gets a look in on boring UK radio. Great website too, with lists of all the songs played and 100s of links to the musicians. - the legendary New York freeform station. Just look at the schedule and take your pick. You’re guaranteed to hear music you’ll never hear anywhere else. Rockin’ fans need to listen to Rex, Saturdays at 6pm UK time (1pm NY time). More rock ‘n’ roll/R&B/hillbilly etc records than you knew existed. – another essential station, this time from New Orleans. Plays the whole gamut (is that a proper word?) of NOLA music. – is Atlanta’s college station from Georgia Tech. Listen out for the amazing 78rpm record collector Joe Bussard who has a pre-recorded show on Fridays 6pm Atlanta time, 10 (or is it 11)pm UK. There’s some other good stuff on there as well. - from North Conway, New Hampshire. Plays a fine mix of music; alt country, indie rock, bit of blues, you name it. And you can find out how the weather's doing on Mt Washington! Listen on Wednesdays, 11pm UK time (6pm US) for our good friend Roy Prescott's legendary Blues Summit Show, 3 hours of the finest contemporary and classic blues music. - from out in Kalispell, Montana Radio Cafe is a recent find. Another great mix of 25,000 top songs from people such as Emmylou, Keb Mo, Townes Van Zandt, Little Feat - you get the picture - and some jazz in the early hours. 100 watts of power (!) for this 'front porch music' community station.

OK, that’ll do for the time being. I’ll add more bits of info as and when, without this getting out of hand.

Skeavo is on 10Radio - 105.3FM in West Somerset, and on this website elsewhere, alternate Sundays 8 – 10pm. When I’m on air send a message via the link to right of page, or at all other times will get me somewhere, somehow. I’m on at other times too playing all sorts of interesting music, notably as one of the team on the Geranium Basket Show, Wednesdays 9 – 11pm, repeated Sundays 10pm – midnite & Fridays 5-7am

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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